December 2002


Holiday Happenings
Bottles of Fun!


It's time to "hit the bottle." Many of you have seen my bottle collection at workshops and have asked me for directions. I decided a great "gift" to you and your children this time of year would be my bottle collection.

These bottles are open-ended and provide hands-on experiences for children of all age levels. They are inexpensive, simple to make, and above all FUN! They are also a great way to model "recycling."

Plastic bottles of all shapes and sizes can be used - from soft drink bottles to spice jars or shampoo bottles. These bottles can be added to learning centers; children can use them during transition times; children can even use the bottles to relieve stress. They also make great gifts.


Hint! Glue the lids on with a glue gun or super glue.

Clear bottles work best. Always remove the labels. ("Goo Gone" will help take the sticky off.)

Store bottles on a shelf, in a basket, or in the 6-pack cardboard carton they come in.

Shop dollar stores to find inexpensive items to use in making the bottles.

Let children and their parents make the bottles for your classroom. Use your own imagination to create bottles!





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