I'm thankful for my family,
And for my country, too.
I'm thankful for children,
And I'm thankful for YOU!
So on my web site this month,
You'll find some of my bests.
When I do my workshops,
These are your requests.


By Dr. Jean and Friends

See you later, alligator.
After while, crocodile.
Not too soon, baboon.
Okeedokee, artichokee.
Give a hug, ladybug.
Take care, teddy bear.
Chop-chop, lollipop.
Bye-bye, French fry.
Time to squirm, wiggle worm.
Let's scat, alley cat.
Know what I mean, jelly bean?
Sure do, tennis shoe.
Better skadoodle, poodle.
Out the door, dinosaur.
Toodaloo, kangaroo.
Wave good-bye, butterfly.
So long, King Kong.
Let's go armadillo.
See you later, alligator.
After while, crocodile.
And that's THE END, my friend!
*Use this poem to create a book that your students will want to "read and rhyme." Write each line on a sheet of paper and give each child one page to illustrate. Put the pages together and staple in a construction paper cover to make a book. You might want to include:
"Dedication" Page - Let children select someone special they would like to dedicate the book to.
"Copyright Date" and "Publisher" - The date you make your book and your school's name.
"Illustrators" - All the children sign their names on this page.
"Comments and Compliments" - Let a different child take the book home each day and share it with their families. Their parents can write their compliments about the book on this page.
"The End" - Every child can "read" this page! Place class books in your school library, take them to nursing homes, or put them in doctor's offices to celebrate the children's reading and writing efforts


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