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Free Activities and Resources

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        Cheer Cards
        Link to video on YouTube


        It's All About Play
        Building Better Bodies and Brains
        Give Me a Break - Brain Breaks
        Parent Power Pak
                includes Family Calendars and Nightly Reading Records
       Executive Function
       21st Century Skills
       Singing Standards
        Joyful Teaching, Neurobics

Language Arts
      Oral Language
      Creating a Literate Environment
      Nursery Rhyme Round-up
      Letter Friends and Awesome Alphabet
      Dancing with Standards-Intro to Reading, Part I
      Dancing with Standards-Writing, Speaking, Listening, Part II
      Small Motor Skills, Ready to Write
      Tell Me a Story
      Vocabulary Builders
      Blooming with Poems
      My Word, a Word Cookbook
      Write Stuff
      Nursery Rhyme Round-up
      Oral Language
      Games - Endangered Activities
      Traditional Songs and Games
      Blooming with Poems

Math and Science
        Full Steam Ahead            
        Math Standards
        Going Green
        Math Fever
        Discovery Bottles
        Recycle, Trashable to Teachable
        Science Surprises

Just For Fun
        Alphabet Art from A to Z
        Tell Me a Story
        Traditional Songs and Games, Part I
        Traditional Songs and Games, Part II
        Activity Cards
        Paper Plate Party
        Puppets and Tails
        Magic Mixtures
        Let's Go Outside
        Game On
        Have a Cup, Creative Ideas
        Block Play
        Nifty Fifty Centers
        Let's Go on a Picnic

Transition Tips & Classroom Management
        Magic Words, Etiquette 101
        Top Ten Secrets for Classroom Management
        Sign to Learn
        Teacher Tips - Brain Sprinkles

Back to School – End of School

        Name Games, Name Songs
        School Days, School Days
        End of Year Countdown

Holiday & Seasonal Activities
        Tis the Season
        Gifts from the Hands of a Child
        Summer Fun Pack
        Happy Everything
        Magic Wand
        It's Spring

YouTube Videos - Playlists by categories

Free Books
         My Mother is a Baker
         Number March
         Found a Penny
         Chant and Write
         May There Always Be Sunshine
         Sign Language Mini
         Vowel Family
         Zero the Hero
         Today Is Sunday
         Letter Tails
         Color Farm
         Tooty Ta
         Peanut Butter
         Rules Rap
         Five Little Monkeys
         Bear Hunt
         Letter Vests
Free Cards
         Mother Gooney Bird - Large
         Mother Gooney Bird - Small