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Music, Activities and Printables

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Printables and Music

Your students and their parents will enjoy these printables and songs which you can share with them.

It’s important to remember that learning does not take place in isolation. Everything in the child’s world is interrelated, and concepts need to be continually repeated, reinforced, and connected.
• The visual skills children use to discriminate and remember colors and shapes will lead to the ability to
remember letters and words.
• The ability to recognize different animal sounds and reproduce animal sounds will lead to the ability to
recognize letter sounds.
• When children learn to repeat counting rhymes using their fingers, it will lead to their number sense and logic.

With every song and printable you will be helping your students to grow.


You can play mp3 files on your iPod, iPhone, iPad, or other phone or tablet. You can also burn them to a CD.

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Build a Bug and 5 Others $18.99

Each of the song packets contains many tools and suggestions to bring learning close to your students and your classroom. Every packet includes:
• Downloads of the songs 
• Printables 
• Activities 
• QR-Codes to expand the learning experience 
• Extension Activities   


Dr. Jean and I had fun putting together these six units that include everything you need to teach your students about the STEAM process. One unit, "I am a Scientist," teaches what it means to be a scientist!

The packet begins with a quick overview about the importance of STREAM (Science,Technology, Reading, Engineering, Art, and Math) activities in the classroom. It includes an "I am a Scientist" Prezi with videos and songs.

The QR Code packet includes 6 QR Codes with a cover to make a Listening Center booklet. These also work well as a Read the Room activity. The "I am a Scientist" and "Scientific Method" anchor charts can be enlarged as posters, and/or included in the students' science journals.

There are 20 of our favorite lesson plans for hands-on STREAM activities.

Finally, a download for Dr. Jean's "I Know a Scientist" song is also part of the packet! We hope you enjoy these packet as much as we do.

The other five units in the packet, Healthy Me, Water Cycle, Going Green, Birds and Nests plus Bugs and Insects have similar components.

You can download samples here.