Finger Plays Forever from Carolyn Kisloski and Dr. Jean - New March 2019
131 Pages - Activities for your classroom and for families

Have you ever watched children when they are doing a finger play? You can almost see the synapses firing in the brain. If I were in charge of early childhood, children would spend at least 5 minutes a day doing finger plays.:

Here are some reasons why . . .

Engagement – Doing a finger play is a natural way to engage children’s attention and help them focus.

Oral language – Repetition of finger plays builds oral language skills.

Auditory memory – Children activate their short-term memory as they memorize finger plays.

Comprehension – Most finger plays have a simple story plot for children to follow.

Imagination – With so much time spent in front of a screen, finger plays encourage children to make pictures in their brains.

Sequence – Remembering the sequence in finger plays can help children retell stories.

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Wiggle Worms

When I was a little girl I was often referred to as a “wiggle worm.” As an older adult I still find it difficult to sit quietly for long periods at a time. I guess that’s why I can identify with kids who fidget. Carolyn Kisloski and I have put our heads together to share tips and strategies we’ve learned over our seven decades in the field of education. These songs, tools, and activities are tried and true - simple and effective.

Children Want to Move

Whether it’s 1953 or 2019, most children WANT to move and NEED to move. Forget ADHD or other labels, it’s natural for the body to develop through movement and exploration. Although children have always had the “fidgets,” the issue seems to be escalating. Why? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out. Children are spending way too much time sitting passively and going “tap and swipe” instead of running around outside and playing. When they are expected to sit and be quiet those wiggles build up until they are like a balloon ready to POP!
Nothing can take the place of running, jumping, swinging, and climbing outside, but if you have limited time, space, and equipment, you’ll find these “Fidget Fixers” are just what you need.