September 2017

Active Alphabet Adventures

Please note: Is your school part of the damage caused by Hurricane Harvey?
If so, Dr. Jean wants to share some materials and music with you.
Please contact her by email:
Include the name of your town and school.

If you were not an educator and you wanted to get your child ready to read, what skills do you think she would need? What things would you try to teach her to help her on her way? Common sense would suggest letters! Those 26 little letters are where it all begins! They are the tools of a reader—little wiggles and squiggles that turn into words, stories, poems, and great literature.

Letters are in integral part of our environment. From the clothes we wear, to the food we eat, to the signs on the road, it’s a letter world! Children are naturally curious about letters and will be excited about learning them when they are introduced in a multi-sensory, playful way. No workbooks! No worksheets! No drill and kill! We need to create activities and experiences where all children will succeed as they become acquainted with those 26 letters that will open the door to reading, writing, and a lifetime of learning!

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