JUNE, 2017

WHAT IS A “HAPPIE”? Download preview here.

Several years ago when I was doing a workshop a teacher walked in with a cup of coffee from my favorite coffee shop.  I said, “Don’t you just love that coffee.”  She replied, “Yes, it’s my happie.”  When I asked what she meant she explained, “You know every day is not totally happy.  You have to do a little something special for yourself each day - something to make you happy.  That’s what a ‘happie’ is.” 

The more Carolyn Kisloski and I talked about this the clearer it became to us that we needed to put some “happies” back in the classroom day as well.  Teachers are overburdened with standards, assessments, and expectations from administrators and parents. That’s why Carolyn and I wanted to create something to make teaching and learning more FUN!  And, yes, we back up our playful and meaningful activities with research and the latest teaching trends.

We have put together “the best of” our 50+ years of teaching experience for each month with tried and true ideas.   There are over 100 pages of hands-on learning activities with cheers, handshakes, attention grabbers, transitions, Prezis, management tips, brain breaks, finger plays, math, literacy, science, and seasonal lesson plans.  There 15+ song downloads with books and visuals, as well as a video where Dr. Jean demonstrates the activities.

We’ll give you a “sneak peak” and preview of our “Back to School Happies,” but you’ll have to wait until July 1st for the BIG REVEAL!


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“Life is lived between the bread and the butter.”

It’s not always the big things in your classroom like your reading program and curriculum, but the little things you do each day – the cheers, handshakes, songs, games – that give joy and meaning to learning.  And the good news is that singing and moving are the most powerful ways to put information in the brain.  Let’s see how this packet supports research and the latest buzz words in education.

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