T – Technology

Technology refers to “anything created by humans to meet a need or want that makes life easier.”  These QR codes can certainly add depth and a broad range of information when you study about bugs or any other topic. Click here to download.

E – Engineer

Engineering is the design process used to solve problems and build things.  You can use the attached planning sheet for the block center, art projects, and other challenging activities.

Engineering Planning Sheet

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House of Cards

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A – Art

Children will be encouraged to create, design, and use tools with an open-ended imagination station.


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Green Construction

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Green Team Badges

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A – Language Arts

Integrate engineering strategies and writing standards when you do a unit on birds with this planning sheet.

Click to Download Page from Birds

Learning the letters of the alphabet will be a game with “Raindrops.”

Watch Me Grow will be a beautiful way to show how children learn and develop throughout the school year.

Raindrops from Water cycle

Watch Me Grow  (Healthy Me)