I Can! We Can!


If we hold hands then WE CAN figure this out together!
That’s why we have created these “I CAN” Center Cards for Common Core State Standards.  Many districts now require teachers to display
focus goals at centers, so we have translated the standards into “child friendly” language that your students can relate to.  We hope this free download will save you time and help children focus on tasks.


The “I CAN” statements for each of the ELA strands is color coded accordingly:

Reading Literature - Green

Reading Information Text - Yellow

Reading Foundational Skills - Red

Writing - Orange

Speaking and Listening - Blue

Language - Purple

Color codes for “I CAN” Mathematic Standards are:

Counting and Cardinality - Green

Operations and Algebraic Thinking - Blue

Number Operations in Base Ten - Red

Measurement and Data - Orange

Geometry - Yellow


Run the center cards off (2 per page) on card stock and cut them in half.
Hole punch at the top and use book rings for each strand.  Flip through the book to display focus goals at learning centers.

Note!  Feel free to adapt these for your students, grade level, curriculum, and district’s expectations.

This was created for YOU and with YOU in mind.  We know your load is heavy, and we wanted to do something meaningful and simple that would lighten your load.  Special thanks to Carolyn Kisloski, a kindergarten teacher in New York with a passion for sharing with other teachers. 

Carolyn's blog is Kindergarten:  Holding Hands and Sticking Together (http://ckisloski.blogspot.com/). 

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