July, 2014
It’s Christmas in July!

Wait until you check out all the “presents” I have for you this month.  First, you’ll find a download for “I Can” Center Cards for Common Core State StandardsCarolyn Kisloski and I have been working on these for months, and we hope they will be useful and meaningful for you in the coming school year.
Download the I Can cards here.

I’ve also got lots of ideas for learning centers that reinforce the standards.  “Intentional learning” is a buzz word now, and you’ll be buzzing with all these hands-on, engaging activities for children.  There are over 80 simple and practical ideas for Reading Literature and Reading Foundations.  And, whether your district is on the Common Core bandwagon or not, the ideas are perfect for individual or small group work.  You’ll have to come back in August to find more ideas for writing and math standards.

Here is a direct link to "Center"ed Around the Core.

There’s a free song download called “School Cheer” where you can insert the name of your school and wiggle and smile the first few weeks of school.  Kristine Gough even created a ppt to go along with the song.

"School Cheer” song from Happy Everything CD

"School Cheer" PowerPoint

A teacher recently referred to July as “summer prep” time.  So I wish you all very merry summer prepping!




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