Counting and Cardinality
Monkeys and Alligator (DF)
5 Little Hotdogs (JF)
Over in the Meadow (SS)
Five Little Fish (SS)
Beaver Call (SS)
Macarena Math (SL)
Gummy Bears (IH)
First Twelve Days of School (KS)
Macarena Count to 100 (BB)
Pump It Up to 100 (ML)
Karate Skip Count (ML)
Techno Count to 100 (TM)
Zero the Hero (JF)
Country Countdown (TM)
I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a One (TM)
Chant and Write (TM)
Numeral Song (SL)
Sing and Spell Number Words (TM)

Addition Pokey (TM)
Gummy Bears (IH)
Granny’s Arithmetic (TM)
Five Little Fish (SS)

Shape Song (SL)
Spy a Shape (TM)
Shape a Loo (TM)
Kitty Cat – Position Scat (TM)
Fraction Pizza (TM)

Hickory Dickory Dock (SL)
Clock Rock (TM)
Today Is Sunday (DF)
Days of the Week (DF)
Macarena Months (DF)
Twisting the Week Away (ML)
Month March (ML)
Mulberry Bush (NR)
Seven Days of Boot Camp (BB)
Days of the Week (TM)
Months of the Year (TM)



Money Song (IH)
Penny, Nickel, Dime (KB)
Found a Penny (TM)

Here are some PowerPoints you can download to enhance math concepts:


Zero the Hero – Counting & Cardinality  (Count to 100)

Five Little Hotdogs – Count to tell the number - Subtraction

Chant and Write – Cardinality – Write Numbers

Country Countdown – Counting forwards and backwards to 20

Beaver Call – Count to tell the number

Over in the Meadow – Count to tell the number

Math Is Fun – Cardinality and Geometry

Money Song – Money


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