Key Ideas and Details
            The Continents (SL)
            The Presidents (GG)
            The United States (SL)
            Parts of a Flower (KB)
            Seasons (KB)
            Five Senses (KB)
            Eight Great Planets (KB)
            Habitat Homes (KB)
            Eat Green (GG)
            Basic Needs (GG)
            Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (GG)
            Eat Green (GG)
            Veteran’s Day (HE)
            Stand up for Martin Luther King (HE)
            Earth Day (HE)
            Abraham Lincoln (HE)

Craft and Structure
            I Know a Scientist (GG)  (Hypothesis, data, conclusions)
            Macarena Bones (KB)  (tarsal, tibia, fibula, patella…)
            Insect’s Body (KB)  (head, thorax, abdomen…)
            Water Cycle (GG)  (evaporation, condensation, preciptation)
            Sports around the Year (BB)  (scrimmage, gymnasts, hockey puck)
            Head, Muscles, Baby (BB)  (deltoids, biceps, quads, gluts)

Range of Reading and Level of Text Complexity
            Use choral singing to track words on charts, white boards, and books.


Print Concepts
     1.  Basic features of print.
      a.  Left to right - Pencil Talk (TR)
      b. Letters make words - BINGO (NR)
           Color Farm (SL)
           Color Box (ML)
           Weather Song (DF)
      c.  Words are separated by spaces.  Write words to songs and
nursery rhymes on sentence strips.  Let children cut between the words and then put the sentences back together.
      d.  Name letters - Sing and Sign (SL)  (Download free book.)
            Letter Tails (JF)  (Download free book.)
            Alphabet Antics (TR)
            Alphabet Remix (ML)
            Letter Train (JF)
            Alphabet Forwards and Backwards (KS)
            Alphardy (SL)  (Download free book.)
            Phonercise (BB)  (Free YouTube video.)

Phonological Awareness
      2.  Words, syllables, phonemes
          a.  Rhyming words - Nursery Rhyme Marathon (TR)
                Nursery Rhyme Rap (DF)
                Nursery Rhyme Medley (IH)
                Miss Mary Mack (TR)
                Rhythm Rhyme (TR)
                Good-bye, Good Friends (TR)
           b.  Syllables - Syllable Stomp (TR)
                 Compound Boogie (IH)
                Slide and Blend (TR)
                Put Together Compounds (TR)
           c.  Onsets and Rimes - Rime Time (SL)
                 Word Families (TR)
           d.  Sound Substitution - Tooty Ta Open Version (SL)
                 Gumball (SL)
                 Pepperoni Pizza (SS)
                 Bitty Bi Bo Bu (KB)

Phonics and Word Recognition
      3.  Grade level decoding skills.
       a.  Produce Sounds - Letter Man (TR)
             Who Let the Letters Out? (KB)
             Happy Birthday Letters (TR)
             The Alphabet in My Mouth (KB)
             The Alphabet in My Hand (ML)
             Seven Little Letters (IH)
             Alphardy (SL)
             Gooo Letters! (ML)
             Kick Box the Alphabet (BB)
             Letter Box (TR)
             Diagraph Walk (TR)
        b.  Vowel Sounds - Vowel Family (JF)
              Vowel Song (IH)
              Sweet Vowels (TR)
              Vowel Cheer (KB)
              Pepperoni Pizza (SL)

       c. High Frequency Words - Lifetime Words (TR)

          Rappin’ Words (TR)
          Color Box (ML)
          Color Farm (SL)
          Color Train (TR)
          Spelling Numbers (KB)
          Contractions (TR)

         4.   Tools of Good Readers (TR)
               When You Come to a Word (KB)
               This Is How You Learn to Read (ML)


Text Types and Purposes

  1. My Favorite Song Is…
  2. Rules of the Classroom (IH)
    What Will I Be When They Recycle Me?  (GG)

   3. Going on a Bear Hunt  (SS)

      Peanut Butter  (KS)
      Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly  (KS)
Production and Distribution of Writing

    4. (Grade 3)

    5. Class Books

    6. Children take photos for Alphabet Books

                 Letter Pops (BB)
                 Alphabet in My Hand (ML)
                 Alphabet in My Mouth (KB)
                 Deck the Room (TR)

Research to Build and Present Knowledge

    7. Where Do You Go When You Need to Know?  (TR)

    8. The Presidents (GG)

              Endangered Species (GG)


Comprehension and Collaboration

  1. Every single song and chant develops speaking and listening skills.
    1. Alligator  (SS)
    2. Peanut Butter (KS)

   2.  Katalina Matalina (SS)  Listen and illustrate
   3.  What Will I Be When They Recycle Me?  (GG)
   4.   Deck the Room (TR)
   5.   Singing Readers
   6.   Magic Words (AD)
           Hello Neighbor (KS)
          What Did You Learn Today? (AD)
          Shake a Hand (ML)


Conventions of Standard English
            1.  Conventions of English Grammar
                 a.  Print Upper and Lowercase Letters
                  Pencil Grip (AD), 
                  Writing Uppercase Letters (TR)
                  Rhyme to Write Lowercase Letters (TR)
                  Letterpops (BB)
                  Letter Dance (IH)
                  Letter Aerobics (KB)
                  Karate Writing (TR)
               b.  Verbs (KB)
               c.   Singular and Plural (KB)
                     Endings (TR)
               d.  What, Where, When, Why?  (TR)
               e.  Preposition March (ML)
               f.  We’re Great (JF)

         2.   a.  Capitalization
               b.  Punctuation Pays (TR)
               c.  Letters You Should Know (ML)
               d.  Singing the Word Wall (KB)

Vocabulary Acquisition and Use

            4.  Clarify the meaning of unknown words
                a.  Home on the Range (NR)  Double meaning of “range”
                b.  Endings (TR)

            5.  Word Relationships
                 a.  Number words, color words, foods
                     Spelling Numbers (KB)
                     Color Farm (SL)
                     Color Box (ML)
                      Today Is Sunday (DF)
                      Parts of Speech Hoedown (TR)
                      Weather Song (DF)
                 b. Opposite Song (KS)
                       We Can Do Opposites (TR)
                       Opposite Cheer (ML)
                 c.  Deck the Room (TR)
                      Letter Round Up (TR)
                      Pizza Hut (JF)
                 d. Let’s Move (ML)
                     Synonym Stomp (TR)
    6.   I Like to Come to School (HE) – Complete sentence  (I Like…)
          If You’re Happy (IH) – Complete sentence (Happiness is…)



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