Range of Reading and Level of Text Complexity
Lots of Powerpoints


Range of Reading and Level of Text Complexity
RL 10

  • Write words on a chart and track as you sing.
  • Give children individual copies of songs to track.
  • Here are a few PowerPoints you can download from my website.  Children will be able to see, hear, track print, connect with visuals, and develop oral language as you nurture a singing community of readers.

ABC Kickbox – RF 1d and RF 3a

Alphabet Train – RF 1d

Phon-ercise!  RF 1d and RF 3a

Letter Round-Up – RF 1d and RF 3a

Color Farm – RF 1b

Tools of Good Readers – RF 4

Word Families – RF 2c

Opposite Song – L 5b



Magic Words – SL 1

Super Star Chant – SL 1b

The Wheels on the Bus – RL 7

Tooty Ta – RF 2e

Backpack Boogie – RF 7

Jingle Bells – RL 10

The Way We Exercise – RI 2

Sports around the Year – RI 7

Parts of a Plant – RI 2

My Mother Is a Baker – RL 2

Eat Green – RI 7

There are also free PowerPoints for many of my songs on these sites:
            Kelly's Kindergarten
            Teach Hub


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