Sing and Learn Books
Musical Notebooks


You can also make books to enhance phonics, science, or social studies concepts.  What a natural way to introduce informational text! 

The Alphabet in My Mouth

Alphabet in my mouth

The Alphabet in My Hand

In my hand

Letter A

Letter Pops
Who Let the A Out?
Habitat Homes
Endangered Species A-Z
Over in the Meadow
Rules of the Classroom
Color Train

RI 1, 2, 7
RF 1d
RF 3a
RF 4
W 2
SL 5


Every child will need a three-ring notebook or a pocket folder for this activity.  Select a song each week and sing it daily as you track the words.
Run off a copy of the lyrics for each child to save in their “musical notebooks.”  You can use these throughout the week for some of these activities.
Monday – Children illustrate the songs and save them in their notebooks. 
Note!  Do not give children pictures to color.  Let them use their imaginations and draw what the song means to them.


Tuesday – Use the lyrics to reinforce reading skills.  Highlight letters, word wall words, punctuation, nouns, verbs, and so forth.




Wednesday – Children practice “reading” the songs with a partner.
Thursday – Children use the musical notebooks for independent reading.
Friday – End the week with a sing along jamboree as children take turns selecting songs and leading the class.
Weekend Homework – Children take home their musical notebooks and sing a song to their families.

RL 1
RL 5
RF 1a
RF 3a, c
RF 4
W 1, 2
SL 2

Cut Up Songs

Write words to songs on sentence strips.  Cut between the words and mix them up.  Challenge children to put them in correct order in a pocket chart.

Cut Up Songs

Make two copies of words to a song.  Glue one to the front of a clasp envelope.  Cut up the other copy and put the pieces in the envelope.  Children take the puzzle pieces and using the copy on the front of the folder  as a guide they put the words together and read the song.
Standard:  RF 1c

Listening Center

Did you know that I have many FREE books that you can download to go with my songs?  Just take a look at the list below.  A meaningful thing to do would be to make four copies of the song and then put it in the listening center with the book.  The repetitive reading and singing are a great way to improve fluency.
Standard:  RF 4
Today Is Sunday
Color Farm
Tooty Ta
Peanut Butter
Bear Hunt

Bear Hunt

Letter Tails
Sign Language
Vowel Family
Rules Rap
12 Days of School
Number March
Five Little Monkeys
Chant and Write
Found a Penny
Fraction Pizza
Zero the Hero
May There Always Be Sunshine
*In addition, each month in the year 2007 you will find seasonal books and books that go with National Holidays.  “Albuquerque Turkey,” “Stand Up for Dr. King,” “We Love Our Flag,” and “Veteran’s Day” are a few examples.

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