After months and months of working on new ideas, editing, recording, and singing my new CD is finally finished!!! Move It! Learn It! has 28 songs and instrumentals to make you want to dance, sing, smile, and learn! Take a look at these titles.


This new set has both vocals and instrumentals for 28 songs. One of the songs, "Be a Buddy," is already in a video on YouTube that we have linked to for you. Activities for all of these songs are included this month on the following pages. As a special introductory offer, you can download the complete set in December for $14.95. (The two hard disks are $30, and that includes shipping.) What a great gift this would make to yourself or from a parent! You will find a free download of "Be a Buddy" on our Downloads page as well a second free download, "We Like Books," so either way you'll get a little gift from me! These two songs will be available free for a short time. Happy singing!

  1. Move It and Get Fit!
  2. Feeling Fine
  3. Shake a Hand
  4. My Flag 
  5. Be a Buddy
  6. Twisting the Week 
  7. Month March 
  8. Gooo Letters! 
  9. Letters in My Hand 
  10. Letters You Should Know A-M
  11. Letters You Should Know N-Z
  12. Color Box 
  13. Opposite Cheer 
  14. Preposition March
  1. We Like Books 
  2. This Is How You Learn to Read
  3. Alphabet Remix
  4. Karate Chop Skip Count
  5. Pump Up to 100
  6. Let’s Move! 
  7. Bubblegum Dance
  8. Giddy Up
  9. Steppin’ Up
  10. Dancing in My Chair
  11. Hawaiian Cross Crawl
  12. Stretch and Breath
  13. Bolero Balance
  14. Toodaloo

So many people helped to make these two CDs a reality. Thanks to all!

As always, Mark Dye, has created amazing arrangements that are contagious and joyous for children and teachers!
Three cheers to Melissa Durinksy for her enthusiasm and choreography.
Thanks to Donna Henry’s first grade class at Portsmouth Catholic School for some of the rhymes in “Todaloo.”
Thanks to Tom Brady for “We Love Our Flag.”
Thanks to Rita O’Brien for the “Alphabet Remix.
Thanks to Amy Gibson for “Pump Up to 100.”
Thanks to Miguele Montagnetti for the dance moves to “Bubble Gum.”
Thanks to my grandson, K.J. for his help with “Be a Buddy.”
Thanks to my daughter “Dr. Holly” for her poetic expertise.
Thanks to Sydney Ahlquist, Hanna Boland, and Devan Upadhyay for singing with me.

“I Like to Move It!” by Erick Morillo

“Zombie Nation” by Catherine Britton and Florian Senfter

“Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” by Nickolas Ashford and Valerie Simpson

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