Some seasonal downloads, some animals, some colors

You can adapt these to language arts and math lessons for your students.

Teachers Sharing

From time to time teachers send ideas and projects to Dr. Jean offering to let us put the projects on Dr. Jean's web site to share. This month we have items from Susan Smart and Kristina Sica Parr.

Links to these items are to the left.

In keeping with the spirit of sharing, Dr. Jean is offering a free song for download and some printed activities to go with the song this month.

Thanksgiving is close by and Dr. Jean gives thanks for all the wonderful teachers who visit her site and do their best to meet the challenges of CCSS, mandates, and rules while providing love and learning to their students.

Susan Smart sent a poster to Dr. Jean along with a note. We thought you might like to have a copy of Susan's poster.
Susan told Dr. Jean, "I love The Tools of Good Readers song! I added 2 verses for my 1st graders.
1st verse: Point, point, point to the pictures.
2nd verse: Think, think, think about the story.
Then, we start your CD. I made a mini poster with pictures to help when we sing it." Download Tools of Good Readers Poster Here

Kristina Sica Parr sent some more of her powerpoints to share. Some are .ppt files which will work with older versions of PowerPoint. Others are .pptx and require a newer version. Links are to the right.

Here are the links to Presidents, a Dr. Jean song and to some activities to accompany that song.

     President's Song

     President's Activities

     President's Lyrics Use with students as they sing along.


Fall Leaves (ppt)

Leaves are Falling (ppt)

Brown (pptx)

Orange (pptx)

Purple (pptx)


Shark (pptx)

Five Little Turkeys (pptx)

Polar Bear (includes colors) (pptx)


Apple Tree (pptx)

Ever Seen a Pumpkin? (pptx)

Five Little Pumpkins (pptx)

Soup (pptx)


Wheels on the Bus (ppt)

Clothing Quiz (pptx)