January 2009


Memory Book

Postcards – Cut cardstock the size of a postcard. Let children decorate one side with markers or crayons. On the reverse side draw a line down the middle. Have the children write the teacher’s name on one half. Explain that if they send you the postcard over the summer and write you a note that you will write back to them.

*You could also give the children a pre-stamped envelope addressed to you.
Whenever they write you, you will write them back.

Memory Book

Ten Things – Have each child make a list of ten things they would like to do over the summer. (Younger children could dictate five things they would like to do.)

*Send these home in your “end of year” letter to parents.
*Fold these up like paper airplanes and send them flying on the playground.

Memory Book

Candy Bar Wrappers - If you go to alenkasprintables.com/wrappers you can design your own candy wrapper to give your students at the end of the year. (Parts of this site are free.)

Candy Bar Awards - There are some clever ideas for awards you can give volunteers or school helpers at the end of the year. (Do a search of “candy bar awards” and you’ll be amazed!) Here are a few examples:

     Kudos Bar – “Kudos to you!”
     Snickers – “Nuts about you!”
     100 Grand – “A million thanks for all you did!”
     M & M’s – “You’re marvelous and magnificent.”
     Mint – “You ‘mint’ the world to us.”
     Hershey’s Kisses – and Hugs, too!
     Lifesavers – “You were a lifesaver this year!”

Art Show – Provide children with paints, markers, and other art media and let each of them create something special. Encourage your students to think of a title for their pictures. Mat and frame the artwork and set up an attractive display in your classroom. Prepare snacks and invite families to enjoy their children’s creations.

*Display the artwork in a local library, restaurant, hospital, etc.

Hint! You could ask for donations if parents want to purchase the pictures. Use the money for a local charity or to buy new equipment for your school.

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