Joye Eberle


Davenport A+ School

Lenoir, NC

Joye learned about the Stinky Cheese game and modified it to become a Rotten Cherry game to provide some variation for her students. Recently, she sent the note below to Dr. Jean.

Stinky Cheese Photos

Rotten Cherry

School has started back and we are off to a great start. I just wanted to share a little something with you! I taught my class a variation of the Stnky Cheese game with upper and lower case letters, they LOVE IT!

We sit in a big circle, or they can play in small groups. When they get a Rotten Cherry Card or a Stinky Cheese, they yell out Rotten Cherry Rotten or Stinky Cheese, Stinky Cheese, and they have to give up their cards they have earned! It is hilarious to watch!

It is so silly but you are right they LOVE IT! In fact they love it so much they made up another game (that I had to make) called Rotten Cherry!

Rotten Cherry deals with shapes and letters! I thought this was too cute I just had to share! :) Joye

Joye sent home permission slips for all of these students to have their pictures on the Internet. That is always a good practice.

If you want information about the original Stinky Cheese game, click here.

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Rotten Cherry Photos