January 2009



Special Requests

Several teachers have called or emailed about the handshakes, bathtub book, and starting line-up, so here they are!

Shake a Hand! Shake a Hand!

The more high tech our world becomes, the more we need to balance it with a sense of touch. Use these handshakes to greet your children and to start your day with a smile!

BUTTERFLY HANDSHAKE - Clasp right thumbs together. Extend fingers and flutter hands around like a butterfly.

3 “H” HELLO – Go up to each child and ask them which “H” they would like to have – a “high five,” “hug,” or “handshake.” They can also ask for a “triple play” which means they want all three!

LUMBERJACK HANDSHAKE – Stick right thumbs in the air. Clasp with left fist. Grasp partner’s right fingers and pretend to “saw” back and forth.

GHOST HANDSHAKE – Extend both arms and cross them over as you wave them in the air and go “Oooooo!”

BIKER HANDSHAKE – One person pretends to be the motorcycle by sticking their thumbs up in front of them. The other person grabs their thumbs and pretends to turn them as they make a “rrrrrmmm” noise.

FISHERMAN HANDSHAKE – Partners place right palms on each other’s forearms and tap gently. (It will feel like a wiggling fish!)

GARBAGEMAN HANDSHAKE – Partners take right hands, extend them, and slide down each other’s arm from the elbow to fingertips. Then they pretend to shake their hand as if trying to shake off garbage.

FARMER HANDSHAKE - One partner is the cow. Cross fingers, stick up thumbs, then bring thumbs in toward body and point down. (You guessed it – the cow’s utters!) The partner grasps “utters” and pretends to milk. “Utterly” fun!

THUMBS, BACKS, ELBOWS, ETC. – Challenge children to say “hello” with their elbows, thumbs, wrists, ankles, patellas, and other body parts. (Easily adaptable for ESL classrooms.)

THUMB KISS – Hold up your thumb and touch it to your partner’s thumb as you make a smacking sound with your lips.

SPIDERMAN HANDSHAKE – Hold up 4 fingers and intertwine them with your partner’s 4 fingers. Wiggle fingers like the 8 legs of a spider.

BOB THE BUILDER – “Hi, I’m your name the builder.” Shake hands with your partner. “I use a hammer.” Move fists up and down like a hammer. “I use a saw.” Move fists back and forth like a saw. “And I use a screw driver.” Twists fists around like a screw driver.

Starting Line-Up

This is a great way to motivate students and pep up your day! (Remember this idea for when you test in the spring.) Have children stand in two lines facing each other similar to the way football teams do a starting line up before a game. One at a time call a child to stand at the front of the line up. Introduce that child by name, positive qualities, likes, and other personal information. (For example, “This is Josie Baker from Crockett, Tennessee. She is six years old and has brown eyes. Josie is a great artist and she likes to help others. Let’s hear it for Josie!”) That child then runs between the two lines as friends cheer and give high five. Continue giving each child in the room a turn.

Bathtub Book

Here is a copy of a book that many of you have seen at my workshops. Take 4 sandwich size zip bags and cut paper to fit inside (approximately 5” x 6”). Glue a different poem to each sheet of paper and let children illustrate it. Insert in the bags and zip shut. Stack bags as shown and staple outside the zippered edge. This will create a water-tight seal so children can read their books in the bathtub!

Bathtub Book

Rubber Duckie (Tune: “I Had a Little Turtle”)

I had a rubber duckie.
His name was Little Jack.
I put him in the bathtub
To see if he could quack.
He drank up all the water.
He ate up all the soap.
And now he’s sick in bed
With bubbles in his throat.

Ten Bubbles (Tune: “Ten Little Indians”)

One little, two little, three little bubbles.
Four little, five little, six little bubbles.
Seven little, eight little, nine little bubbles.
Bubble, bubble, bubble, bubble, bubble, POP!

Scrub a Dub (Tune: “This Old Man”)

Take a bath in the tub
Get the soap and scrub a dub.
Wash my face, legs, and nose.
Get all clean from head to toe.

Baby Fish (Tune: “If You’re Happy”)

Oh, I wish I were a little baby fish.
Oh, I wish I were a little baby fish.
I’d swim in the bathtub
And go, “Glub, glub, glub.”
Oh, I wish I were a little baby fish.

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