January 2009



"Show and Share" from Raleigh
Camp K North Carolina
June 24 & 25, 2009

17. Rut Row Game (Jackie Jenkins)

You will need a small plastic trashcan with a swinging top and Scooby Doo stickers to make this game. Decorate the outside of the can with stickers. Put cards with letters, numerals, words, whatever in the can. Put Scooby stickers on a few of the cards. Pass around the can. One child at a time pulls out a card and reads it. They can keep it if they are correct. If they pull out a Scooby Doo card they say, “Rut Row” like Scooby and put their cards back.

18. The Word Game (Joye Eberle, Lenoir, NC)

The students sit in a circle. Have a “word bag” with lifetime words. As you pass the bag around, each student pulls out a word. They can keep the card if they can read the word. Keep passing the bag until it is empty.

Rules! If you talk, give answers, or blurt out, the teacher takes away all your cards and you don’t get to have any more fun!

19. Oh No! Game (Jane Sparks, Murrells Inlet, SC)

Take a paper sack and write a word ending on the front. For example: “at.” Write the words “fat,” “cat,” “mat,” “sat,” etc. on cards and place them in the sack. Make two cards for each word. Add several “Oh NO!” cards. Each child pulls out a card and reads the word. If they draw “Oh NO!” they must put their cards back in the bag. After all the cards are out of the bag each child finds the friend that has the same word.

20. Word Wall Ball (Lynn Urban, Chesterfield Co., VA)

Students earn a bead for each word wall word they learn and string it on a necklace. Once all word wall words have been learned, they earn a “gold” bead. In the spring celebrate with a BALL! Students wear nice clothes and their word bead necklaces. Serve refreshments, and dance!

Word Wall Ball

21. Riddle Book (Leighann Beam, Raleigh, NC)

Create a “Riddle Book” for each child with blank paper stapled between construction paper. The children get to decorate the cover. The teacher reads a riddle to the class. Establish a routine where everyone puts a finger to their lips and says, “Shhh!” when they think they know the answer. The children draw a picture of what they think the answer is and then try to write the word. The children share their thoughts and then the teacher shares the answer. Save riddles and answers in their “Riddle Books.”

22. Bubbles and Duck Tails (Teachers from Grove Park Preschool in Danville VA)

Have the children line up with “bubbles” in their mouths (puff out your cheeks)
and “duck tails” (put your hands behind you).

23. Line Up Routine (Paula Pennell, Lenoir, NC)

Beginning the first day of school teach the children to line up alphabetically by their last name. The first child is the “leader” and the last child is the “caboose.” These two children are the special helpers all day. The next day the first child moves to the caboose position and the second child becomes the new leader. This will eliminate arguments over who is “first,” who “cut,” etc.

24. Peel Banana! (Christina Ruffino, Stafford County, VA)

All the kids in teacher’s room unite! (Bend down and
                                           jump up with arms in the air.)
Peel banana, peel, peel banana. (Move right arm down.)
Peel banana, peel, peel banana. (Move left arm down.)
Shake banana, shake, shake banana. (Shake all over.)
Jump banana, jump, jump banana. (Jump up and down.)
Go bananas! (Jump all around with arms waving.)

25. Left to Write! (Jane McPartland, St. Louis, MO)

When doing choral reading have the students stand to the left of the room. As you read, take a step to the right for each word. At the end of the line jump “down” to the next line. Everyone moves back to the left and quickly moves to the right with every word until the end of the next line. Repeat until the end of the poem, chart, etc. You can also add movements and sound effects for punctuation.

26. Mr. Zero the Hero Day (Jane McPartland, St. Louis, MO)

Make a “Super Zero the Hero” to use with the number line. Every time you hit a day that ends in zero, put him up. Give kids 10 snacks, such as raisins, pretzels, crackers, etc.

27. Recess Line Up (Jane McPartland, St. Louis, MO)

At the end of recess blow a whistle and start counting backwards from 20. Students count with you and everyone has to be in line by zero.

28. Bubbles and Hugs (Valerie Balbaugh, Stephenville, TX)

The teacher pretends to blow bubbles and says, “Here are your magic bubbles. Catch one in your mouth! Now show me your hugs!” The kids pretend to catch a bubble and hug themselves. (Sometimes I just say “hugs and bubbles” or “bubbles and hugs” and the kids know just what to do!)

29. Chicka, Chicka, Boom, Boom! (Valerie Balbaugh, Stephenville, TX)

Teacher says: Chicka, chicka!
Kids say: Boom, boom!
Teacher says: Everyone’s sitting quietly, lining up, etc. in our room!
Children repeat: Everyone’s sitting quietly in our room!

30. Frayer Model (Jesica Dismukes, Spartanburg, SC)

Fold a sheet of paper in fourths. Bend in the middle corner as shown. Open. Write a word, letter, or other topic in the middle box. Use the other sections to write describing words, draw pictures, and so forth about the topic in the middle.
*You can also use this for sorting objects.

Frayer Model

31. Counting Song (Kati Wade, Fayette Co., WV)

Sing this song to the tune of “100 Bottles of Pop on the Wall” as you add a straw or other counter each day.
Add one more straw for one more day. Add one more straw for one more day.
We put them in the pocket and we count them all. And they we’re on our way . Hey!

32. Bump Banana or Singing in the Rain (Charlotte Avrett, Warner Robins, GA)

Children make a conga line as they walk “silly” around the room and sing:

Singing in the rain, just singing in the rain.
What a glorious feeling I’m happy again.
Thumbs up! (Stick up thumbs.)
Bump bananas, bump, bump bananas. (Wiggle hips.)
Bump bananas, bump, bump bananas. (Wiggle hips.)
Bump bananas, bump, bump bananas. (Wiggle hips.)

Repeat above and add the following movements each time:
Elbows back
Knees together
Feet in
Tush out
Tongues out
Heads up

*Great for a rainy day!

33. I Can’t Spell Hippopotamus (Charlotte Avrett, Warner Robins, GA)

I can spell cat, c-a-t. I can spell rat, r-a-t.
I can spell bat, b-a-t,
But I can’t spell hippopotamus.
H-i-p-p-o I know and then comes p-o-t.
But that’s as far as I can go and that’s what bothers me. GEEEE!
I can spell hot, h-o-t. I can spell got, g-o-t.
I can spell pot, p-o-t,
But I can’t spell hippopotamus.
(Do this 3 times with different rimes and onsets.)

Color Ring

34. Color Ring (Joye Eberle, Lenoir, NC)

Each child has a notebook ring and envelopes with holes punched in the upper left hand corner. Write “My Color Words” on the first envelope. Each day write a color word, glue an object that is that color, and make a word puzzle to go in the envelope.

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