January 2009


Ideas from the "Big D"
Dallas, Texas
June 15 & 16, 2009

17. “Aspire to inspire before you expire!”

18. Line Up Boogie (Simesha McEachern –Jolivette, Austin, TX)

“Lock your hands.” The children clasp their hands with a clap.
“Close your lips.” The children smack their lips.
“Move your hips. Move your hips.” The children shake their hips.

19. Attention Getter (Carolyn Corfield, Lewisville, TX)

1, 2, 3, 4 Glue your bottoms to the floor.
5, 6, 7, 8 Hands to yourself and sit up straight.

20. Signing Exact English (Sheryl Nicholson, Derby, KS)

There is a computer program that will print out sign language illustrations for each word. Glue the sign language visual under each word of poems, songs, etc.

21. All in the Family – Interactive Bulletin Board (Allison Burney, Rowlett, TX)

You will need lots of post it notes for this project.
Monday – Display a word family that corresponds to a literacy unit on the bulletin board. Have students write words in that “family” on post it notes and hang on the board. Review the words throughout the week.
Friday – Use the post it notes to form silly sentences.
Extension – Have students use words on post it notes to create and write their own sentences.

22. Egg Carton Math (Lindsie Kline, Dallas, TX)

Write numbers in the bottom cups of an egg carton. Place two small erasers or other items inside and shake. The children add the two numbers together.

23. Let Me See You Boogaloo (Teresa Abrams, Wylie, TX)

Teacher says: “Let me see you boogalo.”
Children respond: “What’s that you say?” (Hands on hips and say with an attitude.)
Teacher says: “I say sit down and eyes on me.” (Or whatever you want them to do.)

24. Five Little Fish (Debbie Gourley, Santa Clara, UT)

Use clear overheads or sheet protectors to make this visual for the song “Five Little Fish” or “Five Little Crabs.” Use one overhead per fish/crab. Turn the page as each fish/crab is added or subtracted in the song. Bind with book rings.

Photo Memory Game

25. Ready for Writing Rap (Traci Wade, Monroe, LA)

1, 2…sit up, please do.
3, 4…feet flat on the floor.
5, 6…push your chair in quick.
7, 8…lay your paper straight.
9,10…write neatly then.

26. Quiet Cue (Jodi Pipes, Monroe, LA)

“Bingo” is the teacher’s magic word. When the teacher says, “Bingo,” the children put a finger on their lips.

27. Peace and Quiet (Jodi Pipes, Monroe, LA)

The teacher says, “Peace” and makes the peace sign. The children respond with, “And Quiet!” and put their finger on their lips while the other hand makes the peace sign.

28. Flash Dance Cheer (Jodi Pipes, Monroe, LA)

The children stomp their feet and move in a circle as they say, “What a feeling!” like in the movie.

29. Football Math (Jodi Pipes, Geaux Tigers!)

This is a clever idea for integrating math by following your football team. Jodi is a huge LSU fan, but you could adapt this for your favorite high school, college, or NFL team.

Every Friday they discuss:
WHO LSU is playing?
WHEN is game time?
WHERE will the game be played? (Locate it on a map.)
WHY is LSU (or the other team) ranked to win?

Each child has a paper football with their name. They put their football on a graph with W (win) or L (lose) on the bottom. On Monday, they talk about who won, how many points did they win by, etc. They record who got it right on a tally record on the board. At the end of the season they see who had the best record.

*Jodi said that the parents love this because many attended opposing universities. It also encourages the kids to think and talk about where they want to go to college.

Photo Memory Game

30. Looty La (Jeanette Baines, Houston, TX)

To enhance the “Tooty Ta,” let students suggest different letters to substitute for the “T.” For example, “Looty La,” “Jooty Ja,” or “Sooty Sa.”

31. Catch a Bubble (Lauren McCord, Oakcliff, TX)

The teacher says, “Kindergarten, catch a bubble on the double.”
The children say, “1-2,” and put bubbles in their mouth.

32. Trucker Buddies (Lauren McCord, Oakcliff, TX)

If you google “trucker buddies” the children can become pen pals with a truck driver. They can follow them around the country on the map, see their trucks, and so much more!

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