December 2008


Made by the Hand of a Child



Materials: plaster of paris or hardening clay, spray paint, ribbon
Directions: Prepare plaster of paris according to directions and quickly pour it into a shallow plastic lid or plastic dish that is slightly larger than the child’s hand. Have the child place her hand in the mixture and hold it for a few minutes to make a print. (Write her name and date with a toothpick. Punch a hole for hanging with a straw.) Dry. Remove from mold. Spray paint and attach a piece of ribbon for hanging.




Materials: glass jar or bottle, tissue paper, white glue, old paint brush
Directions: Let the children cut or tear the tissue paper into 1” squares, triangles, and shapes. Dilute the glue with water, then brush it on the jar. Apply tissue paper all over the jar. Dry. Apply another coat of glue and tissue paper. End by brushing over the entire surface with glue.
Adaptations: Use this technique to decorate a baby food jar and insert a votive candle.


Materials: paper towel rolls, stickers, yarn, lace, fabric, buttons
Directions: Cut the cardboard roll into 1 ½” sections. Decorate with stickers, yarn, fabric, lace, etc.
Adaptations: Insert holiday napkins.


Materials: cardboard, puzzle pieces, glue, photograph
Directions: Cut cardboard into 4” x 8” picture frames. Let children glue puzzle pieces around the edges. Tape a photo to the back.
Adaptations: Add a magnetic strip to the back so it can be hung on the refrigerator. Decorate with buttons for mom and say “Cute as a button!” Decorate with golf tees for dad.

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