December 2008


Gifts from the Heart ~
Made by the Hand of a Child!
December, 2008-

Your holiday dilemma is solved! Here are inexpensive, simple, and easy gifts your children can make. You’ll save money as you nurture the true spirit of giving in children. Best of all, these projects will be treasured because they are one of a kind! They are made by the gifted hand of a child!

Teachers can use these ideas to let children make gifts for their parents. Or parents can use these ideas to help their children create gifts for relatives or friends. (It’s important to be sensitive to different beliefs children may have this time of year. Gifts don’t have to be for Christmas or Hanukkah ~ you can give someone a gift anytime just because you care about them!)

Hint! Make sure that children DO these projects themselves! They need to reflect the children’s individuality and efforts. Adapt the projects to the ability of the children, or add your own unique accents.

We have some more wonderful downloads for you this month, too. Be sure to use the Downloads link at the left to see a them all.

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