Camp Kindergarten Show and Share -

The teachers at Camp Kindergarten get an A+ for creativity and originality! Many teachers shared their ideas, and, as promised, I am putting them on my web site for everyone to see and use.

If you wrote your name on the paper, then I gave you credit. I apologize to those of you whose names I did not include on your ideas.

To download all of these ideas in one pdf file, click Show and Share, or use the Downloads link at the left.

We are also sharing a three-part recipe booklet, Recipes for Our Class. Part 1 is available this month by clicking on Downloads in the menu at the left. Click on the cover illustration below to complete a jigsaw puzzle of the cover. Your students might want to do this puzzle, too. It has only a few pieces.

After you get to the puzzle, you will see a tool bar at the top left with choices for Image, Ghost, Help and Exit. Try them. Some of the choices might help your students learn to do jigsaw puzzles. The Exit button will return you to this page.

Bowls - online jigsaw puzzle - 12 pieces


NOTE! If any of these ideas don’t make sense, I take all the blame! If you could have seen all the scraps of paper and notes you would understand. There are some “diamonds in the rough” here that you can adapt, tweak, and change to work for you! Thanks for the great ideas!!

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