More student made books for your classroom.

Baggie Book - Cut construction paper the size of the bag. Have children draw pictures, write sentences, glue photos, etc. on the paper. Insert the pictures in the baggies and zip shut. Staple the bags together to make a class book.

Baggie Book
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Hint! Make similar books using real objects or items from nature. Label or have children write a predictable sentence and staple to the bag. Children will also get a kick out of making a bathtub book. Give each child 4 baggies and paper cut to go in the bags. Let them draw pictures, write poems, etc. on the paper. Insert the paper in the baggies and zip shut. Staple the baggies together. Make sure to staple outside the zippered edge to get a water tight seal. What fun children will have reading their books in the bathtub!

Baggie Portfolio - You will need gallon size zip bags for this project. At the beginning of each month give children 10” squares to decorate with their name and a self-portrait. Be sure and stamp these with the date. During the month save a writing sample, art project, math sheet, and other samples of their work. Hole punch monthly bags and bind together with yarn at the end of the year to make a book for parents. These portfolios will be a “picture” of what children have learned in school throughout the year.

Baggie Portfolio
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Lunch Sack Book - Take four or five lunch sacks and fold over the bottom of each to make a flap. Staple the open ends of the bags together as shown. Glue a picture so half of it is hidden under the flap. Children guess what it could be, then open up and see. Hint! You can make other books from this format using riddles, words and pictures, children’s names, etc.

Lunch Sack Book
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Gift Bag Book - Cut the front and back off a gift bag. Cut paper the size of the gift bag and give a sheet to each child to draw a picture and write a story. Staple children’s pictures between the back and front of the gift bag.

Hint! Buy a seasonal bag each month and make a class book.

Gift Bag Book
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