December, 2007 -

Choir of Angels - Cut the inner section out of paper plates. Cut a slit through the outer rim so you can open it and put it around your neck. Cut a red bow out of construction paper and staple it in the center to make a choir of “angels.”

Choir of Angels
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Footprint Angel - Trace around the child’s foot and hand and cut out. Glue them to a sheet of paper as shown to make an angel’s body. Add the child’s photo for the angel’s head.

Footprint Angel
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Holiday ABC Book - Write letters on paper ahead of time. Let each child choose a letter and illustrate it. They could use the words in the song or make up their own verses. Make a cover, bind, and you’ll have a book children will want to read the rest of the school year.

Holiday ABC Book
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Sign Language - Make the manual signs for the letters as you sing this song.

Holiday Cards - Recycle greeting cards with these projects. Children can punch holes in the cards then use them like lacing cards and sew with yarn. (Hint: Use a bobby pin for a needle.) If cards are textured, children can put paper on top and rub with the side of a crayon to make a rubbing. Let children cut up cards to create collages or to make puzzles.

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