Summer, 2007

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Take me out to the ball game.                            (Hand in fist as if cheering.)
Take me out to the crowd.
Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jacks.       (Hold up one palm
                                                                                       and then the other.)
I don't care if we never get back,                       (Shake head "no.")
For I'll root, root, root for the home team.       (Cheer with hand in the air.)
If they don't win it's a shame.                             (Open up palms and shake head.)
For it's one, two, three strikes you're out       (Hold up fingers as you count
At the old ball game.                                                and then Stick up thumb
                                                                                       like "out.")

Sports Day - Invite children to wear T-shirts of their favorite team to school one Friday. Those who play baseball, soccer, or another sport could wear their uniforms. Children could also bring balls and sports equipment for a special play time.

Sports Stars -You can use sports magazines or the sports section from a newspaper for this project. Each child cuts out an athlete they would like to be. Have them cut out the athlete’s face and glue a small picture of their face in its place. Children can write a story about what they would do if they were an athlete.


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