Mother’s Day

A Box for Mommy – 2nd Sunday in May
(Tune: “Little Red Box”)
*Thanks to Martha Shehan for the book you can download!

I wish I had a little box    (Pretend to hold a box in your hands.)
To put my mommy in.     (Pretend to put something in the box.)
I’d take her out and go    (kiss, kiss, kiss) (Take something out
And put her back again.     of the box and kiss in the air.)

If my mommy were in my box
Then she would always know,
School or play, night or day,
How I love her so!            (Cross arms over chest.)

I made this box for mother’s day,    (Pretend to hold out a box.)
It’s full of love for you.
When we’re apart, hold it to your heart, (Put hands over
And know I’m thinking of you.                  heart.)

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box for Mommy