May, 2007 -

What’s the Point?

     I recently did a free concert at a school nearby, and a photographer from a local paper showed up to take pictures. We sang, danced, laughed, cheered, and had a great time. On the way out to the car, the photographer said, “What was the point of all that?” I was stunned!!! I calmly replied, “Did you see the children’s faces?” He said, “Yes, they were smiling.” I said, “That’s the point! I made them happy!” I then spouted off how music builds a community of learners, enhances oral language and auditory memory, develops physical skills, yada-yada.

     Why do many adults think that there has to be a POINT to having fun? Grown-ups go fishing, drink coffee, watch sports, and entertain themselves. What’s the point of that? We as educators should never feel guilty for putting a smile on children’s faces and giving them a special memory. A child only has one chance in a lifetime to be a four year old, kindergartener, or first grader. So make a point of ending your year with songs, dances, cheers, and good times!

End of Year Program

Need an idea for a program? Here’s a great one a teacher shared. She asked all of the children to bring in old white T-shirts. The children colored dots on them with markers. Next, she let the children make puppy headbands by gluing ears to a strip of paper as shown. She pinned a letter to each child and made a giant doghouse on the stage curtains. The children came out wearing their letters as they sang “Who Let the Letters Out?” The children had a great time doing the song and the audience raved and raved.


     Who let the A out? /a/a/a/a/
     Who let the B out? /b/b/b/b/
     Who let the C out? /c/c/c/c/


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