Leprechaun Lunch

Purchase miniature peanut butter crackers (Ritz), cookies (Chips Ahoy), and other mini-foods. Serve these on dessert plates with napkins cut in fourths. Milk or juice in medicine cups makes this a perfect snack for “wee folks.”

Field Trip

Take a field trip (on the internet) to Ireland. Find Ireland on the globe. How could you get there? Could you go in a car? Why or why not? Here is a link to a starting point: Ireland Sights and Culture

Five Little Kites

One, two, three, four, five little kites    (Hold up fingers as you count.)
Flying up in the sky                             (Fly fingers in the air.)
Said “hi” to the clouds as they passed by,  (Pretend to wave to clouds.)
Said “hi” to the birds, said “hi” to the sun,   (Wave to birds and sun.)
Said “hi” to the airplanes, oh what fun.       (Wave to a plane.)
Then “swish” went the wind,                       (Move hand down in a
And they all took a dive:                               swooping motion.)
One, two, three, four, five.      (Hold up fingers one at a time and count.)

Paper Plate Kite

Cut the inner section out of a paper plate. Decorate the rim with markers. Glue tissue paper streamers to one side. Punch a hole and tie a piece of string on the other side. Go outside and run to make your kite fly.

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