Alphabetical Song List

Thanks to Jane Watt of Michigan for updating the alphabetical list of songs and CDs.  She’s also included the track number for each song. 

Here’s an idea for managing your CDs.  Get a 3 ring notebook and clear sheet protectors.  Put the back of each CD cover with the list of the songs, as well as the CD in each sheet protector.   (You might also want to put a copy of the words in the sheet protector.) 

Keep the alphabetical list in front of the notebook and then you can just flip through and find what you want when you need it.  (One of my favorite stories for organizing CDs came from a school I visited in Charleston.  The teacher said she told her children, “That was number 13 on the green CD.  If you like it, then help me remember it!” I called out several song titles and, sure enough, the children would say, “That’s number 8 on the red CD.”  Or, “That’s number 15 on ‘All Day Long.’”  Too cute!)

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the song list