May There Always Be Sunshine!
May, 2006

"May" you have a great month with some of these ideas for ending your school year! There is a book called “May There Always Be Sunshine" that will put a warm feeling in the hearts of you and your children. Sandy Elsasser has also included directions for singing the song in sign language. If you have an end of year program or party, you might want to sing this song. (This song goes to the tune of “Stewball Was a Race Horse - an old folk song sung by Peter, Paul, and Mary. It’s also the tune to “I Wish You a Merry Christmas" by Paul McCartney.) “Kids Just Wanna Have Fun" would be a great way to get your kids thinking about how they can have fun over the summer. Let each child draw a picture of an activity they can do when they are on break. You could also make a book called “Kids Just Wanna Keep Learning" and have them suggest educational activities they could do over the summer.

I’m not sure when your last day is, but I’ve given you a “Top Ten Ways to End Your Year." You know, the last few weeks are like dessert! Make them sweet and special to leave a good taste in the children’s mouths for the next school year!

Books to Download
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