Nest Building - The birds are busy building nests, and you can build one, too. Give each child a paper lunch sack. Demonstrate how to open the sack and roll the top down until it is crumpled to the bottom and looks like a nest. Children can make eggs from play dough to put in their nests; they can gather grass and twigs from the playground and glue them to their nests; they can add a little Easter grass and jelly beans and staple on a pipe cleaner handle to make a spring basket.



Earth Week - Celebrate Earth Week by brainstorming all the things we can do to care for the earth. Make "trash" by mixing old tires (Cheerios), sticks (pretzels), Styrofoam (miniature marshmallows), and rocks (peanuts). Serve in a "trash" can (flat bottom ice cream cone). Children can eat the "trash" and the "can."

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