This Is a Tale (Tune: "Gilligan's Island" – JUST FOR FUN! CD)
This is a tale about the letter A. (Children stand as letter is sung.)
It makes a special sound. /a/ /a/ /a / /a/ A!
Let's learn another sound . . .

Blending Sounds Ask children to stand and make the sound of the letter on their vest. Then, hold hands, "get together," blend the sounds, and make a word. Click photo for a larger image.

M-m-m! (Tune: "Campbell's Soup Song")
/m/ /m/ /m/ (Child wearing "m" stands up.)
/m/ /m/ /m/ That's what M says,
/m/ /m/ /m/

Continue singing about other letters as you make the sounds.

The Alphabet Song(Traditional Tune)
Have children stand in alphabetical order as you sing the letter they are wearing.


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