JULY 2004

Back to School with a BLAST!!

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School Helpers Book

Children will feel more comfortable with all of your school helpers with this book. You could use a photo album from the dollar store, or make your own book with construction paper.

First, take pictures of the principal, secretary, custodian, librarian, cafeteria personnel, bus drivers, special teachers, etc. Use a rhyme similar to “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, who do you see?” to make the book.
For example, “Ms. Rush, Ms. Rush, who do you see? I see Mr. Barron looking at me. Mr. Barron, Mr. Barron, who do you see? I see Mrs. Coker looking at me…”

Read the book frequently to the children during the first few weeks of school. Encourage the children to join in and read along with you. This book would also be special to take on home visits before the school year begins.

Hint! You can make a similar book using the names and pictures of children in your classroom.


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