Children will have fun "performing" and "stumping" their classmates with this game. One child at a time gets up in front of the room. The child acts out a nursery rhyme as their friends try and guess which one it might be. The first child to guess correctly gets to act out the next rhyme. (You might need to suggest rhymes to children.)

Hint! Children could also act out books, songs, feelings, animals, or other categories. You can let children make sounds or simply "pantomime."


Children will need a partner for this game. Children face their partners and decide who will be the leader and who will follow. The "leaders" makes motions with their faces and bodies as the "followers" mimic everything they do. Switch places after several minutes.

Hint! You can also play "mirror" with the whole class. One person is the leader while the others dance, move, and copy their motions.


This is a great game to quiet children and build memory skills. The first child gets up and touches an object and then sits down. The second child gets up, touches the first object, then touches an additional object. The third child touches the first object, second object, and adds a third object. The game continues as classmates touch what the previous children have touched in sequential order and then add a new item. When a child forgets, simply begin the game all over again.

Hint! Children will enjoy counting to see if they can beat a previous record.


Chugga, chugga ~ chugga, chugga,      (Stick up
Chugga, chugga ~ chugga, chugga.        pointer fingers
                                                           and pretend
Come on now, you're a real cool cat.      to dance.)
You've got a lot of this and a lot of that.
So come on now and get up.
         Chorus (Fingers in air.)
Get down.
         Chorus (Fingers point down.)
To the left.
         Chorus (Slide 4 steps left.)
To the right.
         Chorus (Slide 4 steps right.)

Teacher chooses a new child to lead by using child's name in the chant.
For example: "Come on Derrick, you're a real, cool cat. . . The first child then chooses another child and so on as you continue the chant.

Download Cool Cats for your class.


What games did you enjoy playing inside when you were a child? Did you like "Doggie, Doggie", "Gossip," or "Simon Says"? Pass on those games and memories to your own children!