Your holiday dilemma is solved!

paper towel rolls, stickers, yarn, lace, fabric, buttons
Directions: Cut the cardboard roll into 1" sections. Decorate with stickers, yarn, fabric, lace, etc.
Adaptations: Insert holiday napkins.

cardboard, puzzle pieces, glue, photograph
Directions: Cut cardboard into 4" x 8" picture frames. Let children glue puzzle pieces around the edges. Tape a photo to the back.
Adaptations: Add a magnetic strip to the back so it can be hung on the refrigerator. Decorate with buttons for mom and say "Cute as a button!" Decorate with golf tees for dad.

copy paper, construction paper, crayons, stapler
Directions: Ask each child to bring a copy of a favorite family recipe from home. (You could ask parents to send in a recipe for a special dish from their culture, a healthy snack food, a "kid friendly" dish, etc.)
Have each child decorate their page with a black pen.
Run off a copy for each child, and then put them in a construction paper cover to make a recipe book.
Adaptation: You could also let each child dictate how to make the recipe their parents have sent in. Put their version at the bottom of the page.

old shoes, gallon of school glue, old paint brush, gold spray paint Directions: Ask each child to bring in one old shoe. Pour the school glue in a disposable container, and then let them paint the glue all over their shoe. (Inside, outside ~ all over!) Dry for several days on wax paper. Have children paint glue all over their shoe a second time. Dry. Spray paint gold or silver.
Adaptations: Stick a sprig of holly in the shoe or add this poem:

           Here is my little shoe.
           I made it just for you.
          When I’m grown and tall,
          You can remember me small.

spring clothespin, pompoms, felt scraps, glue, magnetic tape
Directions: Let each child decorate a clothespin with pompoms to look like a caterpillar or other creature. Attach a strip of magnetic tape to the other side. Use magnets for displaying children's work on the refrigerator.
Adaptations: Purchase magnetic business cards at an office supply store. Children can decorate these with their name, picture, love notes, etc.

burlap, felt scraps, glue
Directions: Cut burlap into 8" x 3" strips. Let children unravel _ from all four sides. Cut flowers or other shapes from felt and glue on the burlap.
Adaptations: Children could also use plastic needles to sew yarn designs on burlap bookmarks.

Hint! This seems like a lot of work, but it is a special and practical gift that parents will treasure!
Materials: 12 samples of children’s artwork on 8 _ " x 11" pieces of paper, 6 large sheets construction paper, yearly calendar (each month on a 8 _" x 11" piece of paper), glue, hole punch, yarn or ribbon
Directions: Collect 12 paintings, drawings, collages, prints, etc. from each child. Glue their art to the top of one side of the construction paper. Glue the monthly calendar for January – June on the bottom of the construction paper. Now, turn the construction paper over and glue another art project to the top of the paper and the calendars for July-December on the bottom. Punch holes at the top and tie with yarn or ribbon.

Here are some examples of art projects you could use: crayon drawings, crayon rubbings, water colors, colored pencil designs, sponge prints, marble painting, shape collage, magazine collage of family members, thumb print designs, or finger paintings.