THUMB KISS- Have children hold up their thumb. As you touch your thumb to theirs, make a smacking sound with your lips. It's fun to start the day or end the day with a thumb kiss! XX

SMART PENCIL - Give children a special pencil with a novelty eraser, action figure, metallic paint, etc. Tell them it's a "smart pencil" and must be saved for very important activities. When you're introducing something new or doing an important test, let them use their "smart pencil" to help their brains think better!

DA DA DA DA DA!- Here's a new idea to get children quiet and focus their attention. Sing, "Da-da-da-da-da" to the rhythm and tune of "Shine and a haircut." Children respond, "Sh-sh!" on "two bits" as they put their index finger over their mouth and look at the teacher.

BUBBLE MOUTHS - Before leaving the classroom, tell the children to put a bubble in their mouth. Model this as you puff out your cheeks. Explain that when you get to the lunchroom, library, wherever, you will let them pop their bubbles. Don't worry~they'll remind you to let them pop their bubbles when it's time!

ECHO CHANT- Use this echo chant to the tune of "Where Is Thumbkin?" to line children up or dismiss them to centers. Teacher sings: Whose name begins with A? Children whose names begin with A stand and echo: My name begins with A. Teacher sings: Whose name begins with B? Children whose names begin with B stand and echo: My name begins with B. Teacher sings: Whose name begins with C? Children echo: My name begins with C. Clap hands and sing together: Now we know. Now we know. Continue singing all the letters of the alphabet. Hint! Start with Z and sing the alphabet backwards, or use last names.

HAND HUG - Have children stand in a circle holding hands. The teacher squeezes the hand of the child on his/her right. That child then squeezes the hand of the friend on their right. Children continue passing the squeeze (hand hug) around the circle. After they receive and give the hug they can sit down. Hint! You can also pass a smile around the classroom. When it gets to the last child have them pass it back!

RED HOT CHEER! R-E-D, H-O-T. (Cheer and spell as you clap.) We're red hot. (Clap.) SSSSSSSsssss! (Take index finger and touch it to your tongue, then hold it in the air as you make a sizzling sound.)

BASKETBALL CHEER - Clap, clap, (Clap hands twice.) "Whoosh!" (Pretend to throw a basketball in the net.)