There is a child somewhere right now that needs you. There is a child who needs a smile, a song, and someone to believe in them. You are the one who can make a difference in their lives. That's why you became a teacher!

I wish you love, patience, strength, and wisdom this coming year. Above all, I hope you find JOY in teaching and your children find FUN and excitement in learning! Keep on singing and believing!

Dr. Jean

Are you ready? Well, whether you're ready or not, the first day of school is just around the corner. Here are a few tricks, tips, and great ideas that will make things run more smoothly in your classroom. This month you'll find circle time songs, as well as special props that will be your "survival kit" the first few weeks of school. Over the next few months, I'll add attention grabbers, clean up songs, line-up ideas, brain breaks, and other transition activities.
You might want to put each of these activities on an index card. Store them in a file box, punch a hole and attach to a large book ring, or keep them in your pocket for when you need an idea.

Circle Time ~ Start Your Day with a SONG!

(Tune: "Buffalo Gal Won't You Come Out Tonight?")
Everybody shake a hand,           (Children walk around and shake hands
shake a hand, shake a hand.       with each other.)
Everybody shake a hand
and walk around the room.
Everybody give high five,           (Children give high five to friends.)
give high five, give high five.
Everybody give high five
and walk around the room.
Everybody smile and wink,         (Children smile and wink.)
smile and wink, smile and wink.
Everybody smile and wink
and walk around the room.
Everybody give a hug,                (Children hug a friend and then sit down.)
give a hug, give a hug.
Everybody give a hug
then sit down in your seat.

Children sit or stand in a circle. The teacher gives the first child a "hand hug" by squeezing their hand. The first child squeezes the second child's hand, and so on. The "hand hug" is passed around the circle until it gets back to the teacher.

(Tune: "Twinkle Little Star")
Twinkle, twinkle, little star.             (Children face partner and touch
What a special friend you are.          fingers gently in the air.)
From your head to your toes,         (Point to head, then toes.)
We are special friends you know.    (Hold hands and circle around.)
Twinkle, twinkle, little star.             (Gently touch fingers to partner.)
What a special friend you are.        (Hug friend.)
Now, go find another friend,           (Children find another partner.)
And we'll twinkle once again...
Now, take a little hike.                   (Children find another partner.)
Find another friend you like...
Now we'll sing one more time.        (Children find another partner.)
Won't you be a friend of mine?

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