February 2003


This ~ and ~ that!

This month I'm sharing a few "sweet" ideas, plus several requests from my workshops. Wishing you a month of LOVE!



2 cups flour
1 cup salt
2 cups water
2 TB. Cream of tartar
2 TB. Vegetable oil

In a saucepan mix flour, salt, water, tartar, and oil until smooth. Cook over medium heat stirring constantly until the mixture thickens and sticks to the spoon. Cool. Knead in cocoa to desired color and aroma.

Children can set up a "chocolate factory" as they roll play dough into different shapes and candy. They'll also enjoy using an empty valentine candy box and filling up the papers with pretend chocolates!


Make a heart shape and write each child's name in the middle with school glue. (You could also write "I love child's name.") Sprinkle dry strawberry jell-o on top. (Shake off excess.) When it dries children can "scratch and sniff" their sweet message.

You could also write a message on a white sheet of paper with a white crayon. (Some of the messages from conversation hearts are fun to write.) Have children paint over the message with diluted red paint and a big brush to see their special message.

(Tune: "Baby Bumblebee")
I'm bringing home
A valentine for you
One that says,
"I love you."
I'm bringing home
A valentine for you.
With a great, big, hug.
And a kiss, kiss, too!


Take old valentine cards and cut them in half using a puzzle design. (You will need enough so each child can have half a card.) Place the puzzle pieces in a sack. When children need a partner for a game, to do an art project, read a story, etc. pass out the valentine puzzles. Children walk around the room trying to find the other half of their valentine. That person is their special partner for the activity


Cut a 4" circle out of red paper. Cut a 4" square out of red paper. Now, cut the circle in half. Challenge children to put the 2 circle halves and the square together to make a heart. (Hint: Place the square on the table so it looks like a diamond. Put the straight side of each circle on the upper left and right side of the square.)

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