Children won't be able to resist these games!


Can Catch

Each child will need a Pringle's can and a tennis ball for this game. Children bounce the ball on the sidewalk and try to catch it in their can. Great for eye-hand coordination.

They can also play a game by bouncing the ball back for a friend to catch. Then the friend bounces the ball back for them to catch.


Step School

You will need a small pebble or toy to play this game, as well as some stairs. The children sit on the bottom step, which is "kindergarten". One child, who is "the teacher" stands on the ground and faces the others.

"The teacher" takes the pebble, puts it behind their back, then hides the pebble in one of their hands. "The teacher" then brings forward both fists. The first child on the step chooses a hand. If they select the hand with the pebble, then they may move up a stair to "first grade." If they select the empty hand, then they continue to sit in "kindergarten." "The teacher" continues hiding the pebble and allow other members in the game to select the hand with the pebble. The game continues. The first child to reach the top step becomes the next "teacher."

Broomstick Hockey

You will need children's brooms and a rubber ball for this game. Children just hit the ball and try to get it in a box or designated area.


Take several empty liter bottles from water or soft drinks and arrange them in a triangle. Children stand behind a line and roll a ball, trying to knock down the plastic bottles. (Fill the bottles with water if it's a windy day.) Children can take turns rolling the ball and setting up the bottles for each other.

Jump the Creek

Take two jump ropes and place them on the ground several inches apart. (That's the creek.)

Children run and try to jump over the creek. Continue spreading the ropes farther and farther apart, challenging the children to jump further and further. Older children will enjoy playing this as a game.

Children are eliminated when they can't make it and "step in the creek." The last one remaining is the winner.

What other games do you remember playing as a child?

We have a whole new generation just waiting to play!


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