November 2002


Thankful Art


(Tune: "Michael, Row Your Boat Ashore")

Ask children to name something they are thankful for. Sing it in this song:

We give thanks for _______. Hallelujah.
We give thanks for _______. Hallelujah.

Continue naming different objects and singing them in the song.



THANKFUL ART Use the following projects for Thanksgiving, units of study, or other themes.

Pennant -Cut a pennant shape (long, thin triangle) out of a 9" x 12" piece of construction paper. Have children decorate with things they are thankful for. Staple the pennant to a straw and stand up in a ball of clay on their desk.

Hint: They could also decorate the pennant with their name and things that are special about them.

Windsock -Cut construction paper into 18" x 6" pieces. Have children place them horizontally on their desk and decorate with magazine pictures and drawings of things they are thankful for. Turn over and glue 1" x 18" strips of tissue paper on the bottom. Roll into a cylinder and staple. Punch 3 holes at the top and tie on 12" pieces of string. Bring the ends of the string together and knot. Hang in the classroom or hallway.

Hint: Children could also decorate windsocks with drawings of their home and people in their family.

Thanksgiving Table -Have children glue a brown rectangle in the middle of a sheet of paper. Tell them it's their dining room table and to draw the people who will be sitting there on Thanksgiving Day. Have them draw the food they will eat on the table.


Napkin Rings

Cut paper towel rolls into 1 _" circular strips. Let children color these with markers or cover with wrapping paper. Stick in some decorative napkins, and they'll be proud to add these to their family's Thanksgiving feast. Hint: These are really neat covered with foil wrapping paper!

Attribute Web

Make a visual graphic of what children are thankful for.

Start by writing "I am thankful" or "Blessings" in a circle in the middle of the page.

Children draw lines off the circle for "family," "friends," "my country," and other categories.

Encourage them to fill in their page with things they are thankful for. You can print an Attribute Web that is partially started for your students. Click here.




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