November 2002


Over the River

Over the river and through the woods
to Grandmother's house we go.
This is the season for counting our blessings
For family and friends we love so!
Over the river and through the woods,
Oh, how but time does flow.
Here's November fun for everyone.
You'll like these ideas I know!



"TIED UP" TURKEY Have children bring in old ties from their fathers, grandfathers, or uncles. Make the shape of a turkey's body from poster board and place it in the middle of a bulletin board. Pin the ties around the turkey's body in a fan shape to resemble feathers. Hint: Fold the ties in half when you pin them to the bulletin board.


LEAF TURKEY Have children collect autumn leaves and dry them. (To dry leaves, place them between two sheets of paper. Put a heavy book on top and let them sit for several days to remove the moisture.) Children draw a turkey's body on a sheet of paper, then glue on the leaves for feathers.

PINE CONE TURKEY Go on a nature walk and collect pine cones for this project. Have children twist a pipe cleaner around the pine cone to make the legs of the turkey. A small strip of brown paper can be shaped into the turkey's head and stuck in the front of the cone. Colored construction paper can be cut in the shape of feathers and inserted in the back of the cone for a tail.

COLLAGE TURKEY Cut a turkey shape out of tag board for each child. Have them take it home and decorate it with their families. They can color it, decorate it with magazine pictures, glue on natural items, cut out family photos or use any other collage materials. Hang in the hall or on a bulletin board.



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