Hello Song (Tune: "Good Night, Ladies")

Hello child's name.
Hello child's name.
Hello child's name.
We're glad you're in our room.

Hint! Make a "Singing Friends Book" to go along with this song. Take a picture of each child (or let them draw their picture). Fill their name in on the above verse and attach it to the page with their picture. Put their pictures together to make a book and run off a copy for each child. Start each day by "reading and singing" along. Let children take their books home after several weeks and share them with their families.

Shakey-Shakey (Clap or snap to the beat.)

Child's name, child's name, sick in bed.
Called the doctor and the doctor said.
Come on, child's name, you're not sick.
All you need is an exercise trick.
So stand up and shakey, shakey shakey. (Child stands and Get down and shakey, shakey, shakey, makes silly Turn around and shakey, shakey, shakey, motions.)
Sit down and shakey, shakey, shakey. (Child sits down.) ...

Continue around the room chanting to each child.


Classroom Cadence (Children repeat each line and clap or snap to the beat.)

We're in teacher's name room. (Children repeat)
He/she taught us this little tune. (Children repeat)
Reading, writing, arithmetic, (Repeat)
We can do them fantastic. (Repeat)
School's name is our school. (Repeat)
It's the best. It's really cool. (Repeat)
We are super, yes we are. (Repeat)
Look out world, here comes a star. (Repeat)

Who Ate the Cookie?

Who ate the cookie in the cookie jar? (Class chants.)
Child's name ate the cookie in the cookie jar.
Who me? (First child responds.)
Yes you. (Class chants.)
Couldn't be? (First child.)
Then who? (Class chants.)
Second child's name ate the cookie in the cookie jar.

...Chant continues as you use each child's name. Hint! Get an empty cookie box. Write each child's name on an index card. Pull one name out of the box at a time and use that child's name in the chant.


Looking Through My Mirror
(Tune: "Go In and Out My Window")

I'm looking through my mirror.
I'm looking through my mirror.
I'm looking through my mirror,
And I see my friend child's name.

Hint! Cut a piece of cardboard into the shape of a mirror and spray paint it gold or cover it with aluminum foil. Look through it as you sing a child's name. Pass the mirror to that child and let them sing a friend's name as they look through.

Little Red Box
(Tune: "Polly Wolly Doodle")

I wish I had a little red box
To put my child's name in.
I'd take him/her out and go kiss, kiss, kiss, (smack in the air)
And put them back again.
Continue singing each child's name.

Hint! Cover a small box with red paper. Write children's names on sentence strips and glue their picture by their name. Pull one name at a time out of the red box and sing to them.


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