Eleven Great Ways
to End Your School Year!
7 - 11

7. Library Summer Reading Clubs
Invite the children's librarian from your local public library to visit your school and explain the exciting events they have planned. Help each child get their own library card.
8. Brochure
Let your present students help you design a brochure to welcome the new students. Fold a piece of paper in thirds to make the brochure. They could include special events and field trips, what they will learn, etc.
9. Family Picnic
Plan a picnic, pot luck, skating party, or other fun outing for children and their families.
10. Video or Tape
Make a cassette tape or video of your students singing their favorite songs, saying their favorite rhymes, reading their favorite books, etc.
11. ABC Yearbook
Create an alphabet book using your students' pictures, as well as pictures of special events, daily routines, and special memories from the school year. For example: "A is for Anya, Alberto, art, animals, apples." "B is for Brenda, Benathan, books, bears, bird watching, and bubbles," etc. Run off a copy for each child in your room.

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