Cut paper hearts out of construction paper. Write words found on candy hearts, such as "Be Mine," "Awesome," "Cool," "Kiss Me," on these hearts. Make duplicates of paper hearts so children can match up the ones that go together. Encourage them to read what's written on the hearts. Let them dictate their own sayings to go on paper hearts.

Click here to get some hearts. This is a pdf file and will print with Adobe Acrobat Reader, on Windows or Mac.


Cut 4" squares out of red poster board. You will also need children's valentines (2 of each) to glue on the squares. Have children place these game pieces face down on the carpeting. Play a memory game where children turn over two squares at a time and try to match up like valentines.

(Valentine stickers can be used to make a similar game on 3" squares.)

(Promote new friendships and social skills with this technique.)

You will need duplicates of valentine cards - one for each child in your classroom. Place the cards in a sack, then let each child select one. Children walk around the room until they find the friend who has the matching card. The children then read together, write a story, play a game, draw a picture, or do another activity with their partner.


All you need is a bag of conversation heart candy and you'll have a "sweet" math lesson! (I'd suggest buying two bags - one for math and one to eat!) First, have the children estimate how many hearts in all. Record their estimations. Open the bag and count the hearts.

Who guessed more? Who guessed less? Who guessed the closest? Have the children sort the hearts by color and count. How else could the hearts be grouped?

Graph the children's favorite color.


Let each child take off one shoe and trace around their foot on white paper. Cut it out. Give them 5 small pieces of red tissue paper to wad up and glue at the end of each toe for toenails.

Write "I love you from my head down to my toes" on the foot.


Cut hearts out of bread using a valentine cookie cutter. Let children spread on strawberry cream cheese for a healthy snack. For the "sweet tooths," tint marshmallow creme pink with red food coloring. Spread it on graham crackers or vanilla waters and decorate with red hots or sugar sprinkles.

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