Class Quilt - Use group art to create a visual representation of the "community" in your classroom. Give each child a 9" square and have them decorate it with pictures of themselves, drawings of their families or favorite things, collage materials, etc. Punch holes in the corner of each square and tie together with yarn to make a quilt to display in the classroom or hallway.
Hello Book - Here's a simple version of a class book for younger children. Take a photograph of each child or let them draw their picture. At the top of each page write "Hello child's name!" Make a cover for the book that says, "Hello teacher's name Friends!" Children will enjoy reading this book all year long.
Fit Like a Puzzle - Take a large sheet of poster board and cut it into puzzle shapes. (You will need one puzzle piece for each child in the room. Mark the back of the piece with an "X" so they will know which side to decorate.) After the children have decorated their piece, challenge them to put their pieces together to make a puzzle. Glue pieces to another sheet of poster board to create a picture puzzle for your classroom.
Mystery Back Pack -Purchase a back pack, or simply find an old one in lost and found and use it for this activity. Put a direction card in the back pack that says, "Today your child is bringing home the mystery back pack. Please help your child find one object that is special to them to put in the bag. Write three clues about the object on the enclosed card. Tomorrow we'll read the clues to the class and see if they can guess what is in the back pack." The next day read the clues, then encourage the children to ask questions about the contents of the back pack. The anticipation will build until they "solve" the mystery. This activity gives children a turn to feel special, and it encourages thinking skills and language development.
Business Cards - Use your computer to help children design personal business cards. Include the child's name, school, teacher's name, and a graphic of their choice. Print on cardstock, cut apart, and have children distribute them to family members, neighbors, and friends. They will be so impressed!
Print some October pages - You can have a scarecrow or two different October headings, (Choose October Portrait or October Landscape ) for your bulletin boards. (See Preview) These are pdf files and will print with Adobe Acrobat Reader, on Windows or Mac.

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