Summer Fun Ice Cream in a Bag ­

  • Give each child a small heavy-duty zip bag.
  • Add 1 cup whole milk, 1-2 spoonfuls of sugar, and a squirt of chocolate syrup to the bag. Zip shut.
  • Place this bag in a larger heavy-duty zip bag. Add several handfuls of crushed ice and sprinkle with salt. Zip shut.
  • Let the children go outside and throw their bags up in the air or play catch with a friend. (Mittens are helpful, too!)
  • After ten minutes, they should have something that resembles ice cream. (They donšt really care if it gets hard or not. Itšs just as good if you drink it with a straw!)

Swimming Song ­ This is a long song that will entertain children as they wait for a new activity to begin.
It goes to the tune of "Sailing, Sailing, Over the Bounding Maine."

Swimming, swimming, (Pretend to swim.)
In the swimming pool. (Draw invisible square with fingers.)
When days are hot, (Fan self.)
Or days are cool, (Hug self and shiver.)
In the swimming pool. (Draw invisible square.)
Back stroke, (Pretend to swim backwards.)
Sidestroke, (Turn sideways and swim.)
Fancy diving, too. (Arms over head and dive.)
Therešs no place I would rather be, (Shake head "no.")
Than in the swimming pool! (Draw invisible square.)
Continue singing the song over and over, but each time leave off a line and just hum it and make the motions. On the tenth go round children will be sitting quietly humming and concentrating on the motions.

Fence Art
­ Plastic cups make great decorations on a chain link fence. Children can insert them in the holes to make a pattern, shapes, letters, American flat, or other holiday symbols. Fence weaving can be done with plastic strips. You can also attach large sheets of paper to the fence with clothespins and let the children paint with watercolors. Fly swatters dipped in paint make fun designs, and leaves, sticks, and flowers make unusual paintbrushes, too

Parades ­ I love a parade, and your children will, too! Divide them into groups and let them plan how they would like to decorate a float (wagon), costumes they want to wear, goodies they want to distribute, and so forth. On the "big day" put on some marching music and enjoy the fun!

Goofy Golf
­ Tubs from fried chicken or movie popcorn can be used to create a "Goofy Golf" course on your playground. Turn the tubs upside down and cut a hole that looks like a mouse hole in the bottom. Children can decorate these with paper and paints to create different characters. Hula-hoops and cardboard boxes can also be used to create the course. Let children hit plastic balls with brooms or miniature clubs.

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