Sports Day - Enjoy the warm weather with a "Sports Day." Children can wear t-shirts and hats from their favorite team. Have balls, riding toys, hula-hoops, jump ropes and other play equipment available. Brooms and balls are fun for field hockey. Plastic drink bottles can be used for bowling. Let children make bike paths and street signs with chalk on the sidewalk. Stress the value of exercise and having fun together, rather than winning. Sing songs and read stories outside, and enjoy the snack below:

Power Mix - Mix Cheerios, nuts, raisins, pretzel sticks, cheese crackers, and M&Ms together. Serve in a flat-bottom ice cream cone. Children can eat the mix and the cone so there's no mess!


Mother's Day - Let children dip their foot in yellow paint, then apply it to a piece of paper. (If you put paper towels in a pie pan and add a small amount of paint it won't be as messy. You can also just have them trace around their foot on yellow paper and cut it out.) Use the heel of the foot as the chick's head by adding a beak and eyes. Let the children draw legs from the bottom of the chicken where their toes are. Add this poem and a construction paper frame to make a precious gift:

Here is my foot.
It looks like a chick.
Keep it forever.
I'm growing real quick!

Time Bottle - Create a memento of the year with a time capsule. Ask each child to bring in a plastic bottle. Have children draw a picture of themselves and put it in the bottle. Let them write or dictate what they want to be when they grow up and illustrate it. Challenge them to collect a wrapper from their favorite food, something their favorite color, friends' signatures, and other small, meaningful objects to add to their bottles. After gluing on the lid and decorating the outside, send the bottles home with a note to the parents asking them to save the bottles until their child graduates from high school.

Class Book - Make a class book called "What I Learned in ŠKindergarten, First Grade, etc." Have each child draw a picture and dictate or write a sentence about the most important thing they learned that year. Put the children's pages together, add a front and back cover, and bind to make a book. Save it to read to your new group of students in the fall.
"Fun-Shine" Can - Have each child bring in a Pringle's can or similar can with a lid. Let them decorate the outside with construction paper and pictures. Brainstorm fun things they can do in the summer, such as read a book, call a friend, write a letter, play a board game, say a rhyme, cook something, make a paper bag puppet, bounce a ball, sing a song, play dress up, make up a dance, draw a picture, and so forth. Fold pieces of paper into eighths. Write one of the children's ideas in each section. (It would be good if they had 3 or 4 pages of ideas.) Run off copies for each child then let them cut the strips apart and put them in their can. Tell them when they get bored on their summer vacation, they can pull a strip from the can for a "fun-shine" idea!

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