Lion or Lamb? Discuss the saying, "March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb."

Each day have the children predict if it is a "lion day" (gusty and windy) or "lamb day" (calm) before you go out to play.

Choose a different child each day to draw a picture of the weather on your classroom calendar.

Use a bar graph to record the type of weather each day. Compare at the end of the month.


Tornado Bottle - Your children will love this one!

Fill a bottle 2/3 full with water. Add just a touch of dish detergent to the water.

Insert a Monopoly house, two red shoes (Barbie shoes work great), a tiny piece of Styrofoam, a small ball made out of aluminum foil. (It'd also be fun to add a small plastic witch and a dog if you could find them.)

Glue on the lid. Turn upside down and twirl in a circular motion.

Do you see the tornado in the bottle?

Kites - How many ways can you make a kite?

  • If you cut the inside section out of a paper plate, glue
    tissue paper streamers to it, then tie on a string,
    it will fly.
  • A kite string tied to a plastic grocery sack will fly as
    high as a real kite on a windy day.
  • You can also make a kite by cutting a 2" circle out
    of the bottom of a lunch sack. Tie an 18" piece of
    string to the top of the bag, then attach a kite string.
  • Challenge the children and their parents to "invent"
    their own homemade kites.

Leprechauns - After talking about leprechauns and their pot of gold, write a class story by having each child dictate or write an ending to this sentence.

"If I found the leprechaun's pot of gold I would. . ."


St. Patrick's Day - Sing favorite class songs in a "leprechaun voice" (very tiny) and use fingers to make tiny motions.

  • Now, how about some "Irish" yogurt? Give each child a cup of vanilla yogurt. Put a drop of blue food coloring and a drop of yellow food coloring in it.
  • Let them stir, stir, stir. Surprise! Green yogurt!
  • Children will enjoy practicing their names, words, letters, or shapes on March 17th with this activity.
  • Let them write their name, etc. with school glue on a sheet of paper. Sprinkle with lime gelatin, and then shake off the excess. Dry and you'll have a "scratch and sniff" project

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